January 20, 2015


“What a great facility!  The Springfield Legends have partnered with 2K Sports Training the last two years and I could not have been more pleased with the training and help they have given our players.   From private lessons to the group and team training I continue to be impressed with the instructors and their knowledge and professionalism in dealing with these young athletes.  2K makes the training fun while still getting the kids to see the benefits they can receive with good instruction and hard work.  A great place to train whether as a team or individual.”

Brian Wilmsmeyer – Springfield Legends 14U AAA Competitive Travel Team

“The 2K facilities have everything I could need for off-season training.  It’s a good size for throwing in and has a quality weight room that no other baseball facility has in the area.  That makes it pretty convenient for me to do all of my training in one place at one time.  Not all professional guys even have access to a place like this in their offseason so I’m pretty fortunate to have 2K.  Plus, if I ever have questions, need an opinion or some help, the 2K instructors are always willing to lend a hand. It’s run by a great group of people.”

Grant Gordon – Los Angeles Angels, Missouri State Univrsity (P)

“2K Sports Training combines a state of the art facility with great instruction. The instructors are hard working and compassionate people,  as well as extremely knowledgable in their fields. 2K pushes young athletes to their highest potential both physically and mentally, while having fun at the same time.”

 Andy Burns – Toronto Blue Jays (3B)

“We use 2K as our preferred indoor training facility because of their excellent facilities, equipment, and instruction.  Most of our team takes individual lessons with 2K in the offseason and during the season to take their game to the next level.  One of the best things they coach at 2K is how to process the mental part of the game.  They coach situational baseball and how to deal with those in game situations.  Ray and Alex have developed a great program to help kids of all ages take their game to the next level.”

Garrett Anderson – Coach Drillers Baseball, 13 U AAA/Major Competitive Travel Team 

“The staff at 2K is full of not only great baseball knowledge, but great people in general. Without them and their facilities, I wouldn’t have been able to get all of workouts and throwing done as easily. They have plenty of room to hit and throw in their facilities and they have a nice weight lifting facility ​as well. I’m lucky to have them and their facilities. A lot of minor leaguers aren’t as lucky.”

Nick Petree – St. Louis Cardinals, Missouri State University (P)

“My son Hunter has been training at 2K for well over a year.  The coaches at 2K never fail to impress us with their professionalism and commitment to excellence.  The staff is not only committed to enhancing the skills of baseball players but also instilling good character on and off the field.  We trust in the teaching and philosophy of the 2K way.  In my opinion there is no other facility that compares to what 2K has to offer.  We appreciate the time and investment that they have poured into Hunter.  The staff are not only coaches, they are mentors and that is something that my son will carry with him for a lifetime.”

Charles and Lesa Duran

“One thing I really like about 2K’s setup is their spacious weight room. for me, a baseball specific lifting routine has been a crucial part of staying healthy and also in preparing my body in the off-season for the long season ahead. 2K has the resources to do just that.”

  Mike Kickham – San Francisco Giants/Seattle Mariners, Missouri State University (P)

“We have two sons that take lessons and performance training since the 2K facility has opened. In both, we have seen an improvement in their pitching, fielding, hitting and catching skills. For pitching, the staff has worked with our son on accuracy, proper techniques for different types of pitches such as slider, cutter, etc. His velocity has increased. Mentally they have taught him how to stay under control to stay within himself. For fielding, they have worked with them on proper foundation on fielding a ball and fundamentals. For hitting, increased bat speed, increased power, staying behind the ball, proper stance, and staying balanced. For catching, his blocking skills have improved, increased pop time to make quicker throws to any base, strength and accuracy in throwing the ball. Overall knowledge of the game has gotten better.
They both also do the performance package in addition to their lessons. Its sports specific and position specific training. They have increased their strength and conditioning. The instructor does great at making sure that they understand why and how to do each exercise.
Our family highly recommends the 2K Sports Training facility. Their staff is very knowledgeable and encouraging. We are confident in their abilities and we have 100% trust in them training our kids to be a complete player.”
Sebastian and Tammie – Sons, Bailey & Will, Kickapoo H.S.


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