March 24, 2014

Baseball Training Options

The goal of 2K is to offer training solutions to best fit both players and parents.  We have designed a system of training that will allow players to train multiple times a week at a price that will not break the bank.  Players in all sports need to practice multiple times a week to excel in their skill areas. Our packages are designed to accommodate all, and give the best value to each family.

2018 Fall / Winter 


Hitters:  Develop an ELITE SWING / More BAT SPEED / More POWER / Better Mechanics

Hit on the HitTrax live simulator for instant feedback each swing.  HitTrax allows us to capture every swing and analyze the data, along with video breakdown to help each hitter reach their best swing!

For more about HitTrax click here!

Pitchers:  Increase VELOCITY / Better MECHANICS / Develop OFF-SPEED PITCHES

Throw on the new Rapsodo pitch tracking system.  Each pitch is charted and shows velo, spin rate, spin efficiency, and the movement affected by spin of every pitch.  Rapsodo is very helpful in helping pitchers get the most out of their fastball, as well as off-speed pitches.

For more about Rapsodo click here!

  • Ages 13 & up
  • Hitting & Pitching PLUS Programmed Workouts
  • 90 minute sessions – small groups
  • Workouts focus on building a better athlete!  Speed / Agility / Strength / Power / Explosiveness / Flexibility / Mobility / Conditioning / Balance
  • Bi-Weekly Testing to TRACK PROGRESS 
  • Advanced Tracking Metrics w/ HitTrax and Rapsodo baseball 
  • Single Next Level Session                    $40
  • 2x per week (8 total sessions)            $280
  • 3x per week (12 total sessions)           $320
  • 4x per week (16 total sessions)           $360
  • 5x per week (20 total sessions)           $395


Junior Next Level – The Next Level program for younger athletes ages 10 -13 

  • Hitting and Pitching Sessions PLUS programmed workouts
  • Hour long sessions in small groups
  • Each session will be baseball skill work (hitting or pitching) for 30-40 minutes followed by a workout
  • Workouts will be focused on improving SPEED / AGILITY / STRENGTH / CONDITIONING / BALANCE / FLEXIBILITY 

Why Junior Next Level is your best way to train:

  • Each session will be focused on building proper baseball fundamentals and mechanics.
  • Train multiple times per week! – This concept is what sets Next Level apart from doing private lessons.  The frequency at which an athlete trains directly correlates to how much they grow as a ball player.  
  • Growth in a competitive environment – in a small group setting players will be challenged and must compete.  You simply cannot simulate this in a one on one lesson.
  • Use of new technology (HitTrax and Rapsodo) advance tracking metric systems that help analyze each players strengths and weaknesses.
  • Intro to fitness – the workouts will be scaled to each athlete based on their age, experience, and skill level.  It is extremely important that young players learn proper technique as well as instilling good work ethic and character. 


  • Single Junior Next Level Session      $35
  • 2x per week (8 total sessions)           $240
  • 3x per week (12 total sessions)         $280
  • 4x per week (16 total sessions)         $320
  • 5x per week (20 total sessions)         $360



BASEBALL PRIVATE LESSONS:  1 on 1 Instruction – 60 minutes

  • 1 Private Lesson               $65
  • 4 Pack Private Lessons    $240  ($60 per lesson – SAVE $20)
  • “Bring A Buddy”  60 Min Lesson    $100  ($50 each)
    • Great option for brothers or friends/teammates that want to work together on similar skills!


TEAM TRAINING:  Professional instruction and practice time with the 2K Coaches!

**BEST VALUE for group training and has become very popular!  For More info on Team Training CLICK HERE!

Email:     Phone:  417-824-1353

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